EVERYONE BREATHE! Niall and Louis save the day by telling us the truth about THOSE break up rumours.

So yesterday, everyone freaked the hell out because it was reported that 1D were to “split up”. However, Nialler came along and saved the day by telling us the actual truth.

God bless, you Niall. Even got a cheeky typo in there. IN YOUR FACE, “INSIDERS”.    celebrate We’re super glad they’re getting a break. After all, 5 years of world domination can be tiring and we bet they’ll come storming back looking even hotter and fresh faced from being well rested.  They weren’t kidding, you know. NOBODY CAN DRAG THEM DOWN! Aren’t you glad they’re not splitting up? We’ve just popped the champers actually lemonade.   UPDATE In case you were still unsure, Mr Tomlinson has now commented. 

The king has spoken, people.

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