Coca Cola releases its final One Direction bloopers and leaves us heartbroken because we want more

Maybe it’s slightly unusual to be so invested in a band that you watch even their bloopers but we don’t exactly care.

So everyone has seen One Direction’s Coca Cola ads but what they haven’t seen are the outtakes – and unsurprisingly, it’s just as cute as the ads themselves.

The video mostly consists of the boys giggling and messing around which admittedly is probably the best type of video to ever exist. We’re slightly overwhelmed, dizzy even.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re the cutest people to exist… ever.

Nice dance skills, Harry. Nice dance skills. Quite snazzy actually. We’re sorry that Liam tried to headbutt you.

The only thing we’re truly sad about is that there was no Larry Coca Cola video. How could you do this to us Coca Coca? HOW!?

We are inclined to forgive you though since these Coca Cola ads were so adorable after all.

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Written by Tashie

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