Is this a sneak peak of 1D’s fifth album? WITH ZAYN?! What?!

We’ve had some time and we’re starting to really come to terms with 5 becoming 4 and got really excited for album 5… that is, until this leaked and we got confused?

Update accounts have been tweeting this Vine which is supposedly a clip of vocals from the boys’ new album. It’s so heavenly we cannot cope.

Like a choir of angels! But wait… count the bars… 1,2,3,4…5?! Hang on, what?

bitch say waht

SURELY WE ARE NOW OT4? WHAT’S GOING ON? ZEN R U SURE? Is it even Zayn? The angelic harmony sounds like our boys with no unusual vocals added in… what if Zayn decided to leave the fame but sneak in the studios to do back in vocals? Or are we being way too optimistic?

Either way, we believe that’s the sound you hear when you die and see the light. It’s amazing.

What do you think? Is that Zayn? Did some random Joe Bloggs sneak in without anyone else knowing? What’s going on? Tweet us @maximumpop your thoughts.

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