19 things that what would DEFINITELY happen if the Weasley’s had their own reality show

Kardashian who?

Let it be known. Should a telly show like this EVER grace our screens we would all over it like nettle rash. Seriously, it would rule our lives more than anything Netflix could throw at our faces.

Just imagine: The Weasley family circa early Deathly Hallows. SCENE: The family are deep in prep for the looming Weasley-Delacour wedding…

1. The opening credits…

2. And a stunning cast. There’s literally a Weasley for everyone.

3. How the twins will basically steal the show…

Because we’d binge watch… Just for them.

4. That awkward moment when there’s some sexual tension between two characters…

and then…

#dramallama #caught #redfaced

6. The king of sassy-face would have us all lolling in our jammies:

7. Plus, food. Food would happen.

8. Lots and lots of food.

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9. The show’s matriarch, Molly Weasley, would steal a lot of camera time, but prolly cos she’s being pranked:

10. But she’s also the terror behind her teenage kids’ eyes… THE PUNISHMENT IS REAL, YO!

11. And even when they think they’ve escaped her at school… NOPE!

12. And then when she does something awesome and you legit want Molly to adopt you:

13. Food.

14. Someone gets very drunk and very naked at the wedding (unseen extras)

And we all know who that would be…

15. It would be a show full of great quotes

…and heartfelt moments:

16. With a family that size there’s room for no one else in that house… But plenty of drama…

17. Plus, with questions like this, how could we not be entertained?

18. And it would have us dancing in pure delight:

19. Then roar with laughter…

Can we just make it a thing, plz? Now? Thnx.

Would you watch it? Tell us who would be the best character in the comments below!

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