19 “New Year, New You” posts that you can actually relate to

The phrase “new year, new me” has been haunting us on social media since the middle of November. And it’s cool, we’re totally on board with achieving them goals… But at least give us something we can actually root for, you know?

So here’s a few new year updates that we can legit get behind. If you want a more realistic resolution though, we’ve got a quiz for that.

1. Ha! Been there. Or if you haven’t… you will. You will.

2. Because we see you when you’re telling fibs. WE SEE YOU!


3. But then again, we totally believe this dog. Go figure.

4. This will be adopted by all.

5. When you’ve legit had enough now.

6. Condiments. Realistic goals. A great attitude.

7. True.

8. #choices

9. The kind of motivation that we can totes understand.

10. See? Just start small. #achievement

11. SLAY!

12. The real inspiration makers of 2017:

13. You go girl!

14. Bacon.

15. That’s more like it.

16. More noodles. And we approve.

17. Being wasteful of food is a sin, so this dude deserves a medal… and a potential medical examination.

18. #hero

19. Wisdom.

What unremarkably normal but heroic things have you committed to this year? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. I had to comment on this because #5 is legit me. Which y’all would never guess… #sarcasm. HAA! New year, new you indeed. What did you do? Snatch someone else’s body? (Points for knowing which 1978 film that is in ref to). MERRY JANUARYMAS!

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