17 things you’ll only understand if you grew up in a large family

Some people might think that growing up in a big family is a constant train wreck of disasters. Sure, you might go hungry sometimes because your siblings ate all the snacks, and privacy is definitely not something that exists in your house, but there are upsides too.

Here are 17 things you’ll only understand if you grew up in a supersized family.

1. Nobody ever remembers how many siblings you have

It’s a real struggle for anyone to remember how many people there are in your family, nevermind make any sort of attempt to memorise their names. It’s too hard but it’s okay, there are a lot of us and we kinda forgive you because…

2. Sometimes we don’t even remember how many siblings we have

“I’m one of six…  wait no seven… maybe eight?”

3. Remembering birthdays is a thing of the past

Honestly, when there’s as many of you as there is it feels like there’s a birthday ever week. How are you supposed to remember every single one?! There’s too many of you to even bother really trying. Let Facebook do the leg work and remind you on the day, especially since…

4. Remembering ages is even worse

You swear little Harry is only five and you’re genuinely shocked when you discover he’s starting high school this year.

5. Never being sure who your parents are speaking to

Because they’ll go through ALL of your siblings’ names before finally arriving at yours, regardless of gender or age.

6. Hiding the best snacks

It is a cut throat world and the only way to get ahead is to take the best snacks and hide them away because you just KNOW that as soon as your other siblings get a whiff of them they’ll all be demolished within an hour.

7. There are always arguments


8. Securing bathroom time is impossible

You have to get up an hour earlier than what you need to just to make sure you can jump into the bathroom for a quick shower, or to brush your teeth or do your make up on a morning. Solo bathroom time is like gold dust.

9. There’s never enough sofa space

Fact: You just won’t ever all fit on. You better find a comfy spot on the floor and mark your new territory.

10. Alone time is the greatest blessing

But when you’re finally home alone, oh boy is it like a dream come true. You can have the whole sofa to yourself, eat what you want, and FINALLY have control of the remote.

11. You’ll never get a nice family photo

The stats are against you. Despite the years and years you’ve spent trying, it is physically impossible to get a family photo with you all in, all smiling, with nobody blinking. Impossible.

12. At least 75% of your wardrobe were hand-me-downs

With so many mouths to feed, your parents lived by the ‘want not, waste not’ motto and as a result pretty much everything you owned used to belong to somebody else. That t-shirt? Your sister’s. Your mobile? Your eldest brother’s old one. Barely anything is YOURS and yours alone.

13. The amount of food you go through in a day is ridiculous

One whole loaf of bread is gone over lunch and when your mum is trying to make sandwiches for everyone the kitchen resembles the assembly line at Subway more than anything else.

14. You never get to eat out

A restaurant bill for you all would probably hit the thousands, so you never go out for family meals. In fact, you’ll probably hit adulthood before you find yourself in a half-decent restaurant.

15. A fully dry bath towel is a thing of legend

No matter the hour, no matter whether all the towels have just come out of the dryer, there never ever seems to be a single bath towel around that is perfectly dry. You spend every day trying to dry yourself off with a vaguely damp towel as best you can.

16. You spend all your time head-counting

The intense panic the time you accidentally counted wrong and thought a sibling had gone missing still haunts you.

17. There is never a dull moment

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t trade your big, crazy family for anything. Sure, there are ups and downs like any family has, but there really won’t ever be a dull moment.

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