11 things you’ll only understand if you don’t get along with your sibling

In Susin Nielsen’s ‘We Are All Made of Molecules’, geeky Stewart gains a sister in popular Ashley when Stewart and his dad move in with Ashley and her mum. And well, it’s not all smooth sailing…

trouble taylor

Here are a few things you’ll only understand if you and your sibling aren’t exactly the best of friends…

1. Everything they do is EXTREMELY irritating

go away

2. Long car journeys are actual torture


3. Absolutely everything is a constant competition

i'm smart you're dumb

4. There’s always something to be jealous about


5. You ALWAYS get the blame for everything. Even things that didn’t even happen

i didn't do it

6. They know every little thing that annoys you – and they do them all

stay away from me

7. Everything becomes a race – getting to the snacks, the bathroom, the car – everything

don't you dare

8. Always worrying that they are your parents’ favourite


9. There’s no such thing as a family movie night without an epic fight


10. If you do something embarrassing, it will NEVER be forgotten

you're embarrassing yourself

11. You love each other underneath it all, even if it is far, far underneath

family hug

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Written by Sophie Waters

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