17 reasons why Super Junior could be the band that fills the void in your heart left by One Direction

Boys for days

Hiatus or nah. It doesn’t matter because right now there is no One Direction and we just have to accept that somehow. Sure, the lads have their solo projects and that makes us swell with unbridled joy and joyness.

But it’s not enough to fill the gaping hole in our fangirl hearts, is it? WELL! Suffer no longer, fan-friends. We reckon we’ve got just the thing to make you feel complete again, and it goes by the name of Super Junior.

If you’re wondering who the heck Super Junior are then that’s ok. Unless you’ve got a thing for K-Pop you prolly won’t have heard of them. But that’s all about to change. It has to.

1. Super Junior = Super YUM

Seriously, these boys are coiffed to within an inch of their souls, but look how beautiful a picture they make!

2. The band is formed of 6 current members (however, the way K-Pop bands often work there are 5 members classed as inactive, mostly due to military service. Sir, yes, sir!) They keep the line-up nicely filled. Zero disappointment. Epic fangirling.

3. Leeteuk

4. Heechul

5. Yesung

6. Shindong

7. Sungmin

8. Kyuhyun

That’s 6 lush lads to set as your lockscreen. YAS! Life is good.

Niall Horan just proved he’s the nicest pop star in the world by doing the cutest thing

WHOA! People think that THIS means Cheryl has already given birth to Liam Payne’s baby

9. Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy! They’ve got 8 Korean albums to stuff into your ears, and then 1 Japan album. Overachieving? Nah. Just SLAYING IT!

10. If ‘Devil’ or ‘Sorry, Sorry’ don’t get stuck in your head then you’re doing it wrong. It might even be more addictive than 1D’s ‘Drag Me Down’ or ‘History’. Just saying.

11. They are award winning. So basically, if 1D has won an award, Super Junior has one it’s equivalent in Korea. Like a boss.

12. They have been the bestselling K-Pop band for umpteen years in a row. The stats are impressive and might even rival that of One Direction. It’s just the facts.

13. If you thought Super Junior was it, you’re wrong. There’s this cute thing K-Pop bands have started doing where they will break away from super groups and form sub groups. What does this mean? It means that they can target different music audiences and try out different styles while riding on that same wave of success.

Sub groups include: Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-T and Super Junior-M.


14. They’re in films. Actual bona fide films. What more can you ask for?

15. Oh, apart from more merch than you’d ever know what to do with? You can literally buy anything with your fave member’s name and face on. Truth.

16. This music video:

You’re welcome.

17. Cos yeah, they’re pretty badass dancers. You won’t realise how much you needed that level of swag until you see it:

Have we converted you? What do you think of Super Junior? Tell us in the comments!


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