16 Ways to Make a Book Blogger Happy

To be honest, they’re an easy bunch to please. Throw them a blanket, a book and a hot chocolate and they’re sorted for the day, but there are a few things that make book bloggers dance with joy. So if you have a book blogger in your life, pay attention: we’re giving you the way to their hearts.

books are my life

1. Book post. We have it on good authority that even after 7 years of blogging, hearing a package fall through the door still causes giddy delight.

2. Matching series. There are few things more tiresome than a series that’s gone through a cover change and moved from paperback to hardcover midway, so when it’s complete, perfect and matchy-matchy there’s happy sobbing.

it's so beautiful

3. Panels! Signings! Author talks! There’s nothing like seeing your heroes in real life. I mean, there may not any coherent conversation when it comes to it, but at least there are signed books…

4. Properly formatted e-galleys. It is a truth universally acknowledged that e-galleys often result in text smushed together, are missing all of the ‘f’s and have gaping gaps between words. So when they read properly…

high fiving a million angels

5. Organising bookshelves. By colour? Alaphabetically? By size? SO MANY OPTIONS! It’s just so satisfying to pull everything off, make a fort, and then put every book back in the perfect place.

6. An author replying to/liking/RTing their tweet. Book bloggers are pretty lucky in that they get to converse with authors on a daily basis, but everyone worships at least one author who doesn’t interact too often. And when they do…


7. Clearing their TBR. Haha, jokes, there’s not a book blogger for miles that hasn’t had a towering TBR since they were 9. But they do enjoy dreaming about it, and then they go and buy more books ‘cos why not?

8. Someone loving a book they recommended. It’s why they do what they do, after all.


9. Exciting emails. Every so often, an email will arrive offering an early copy of one of their most anticipated books and you can hear book bloggers scream with delight across the country.

10. Their favourite books being adapted for film or TV. It’s obviously a huge risk for any book lover: delight or disappointment, but we all still look forward to  it. It’ll either be so bad it’ll make people pick up the books to see if it’s different or it’ll be so good people HAVE to read them. Win win.


11. The perfect fit. It’s not unusual for a book blogger to come home from a bookshop with the next book in a favourite series, only to find that there’s no room on the shelf *gasp*. So on those occasions where they’ve planned ahead and saved a spot? Pure happiness.

12. Bookstagram. They love pretty books, obviously, and so getting to show off their beauties and leer all over other peoples’ is pretty much our idea of heaven. They do get a little upset when they realise just how good everyone’s pictures are compared to theirs, though…

you're like really pretty

13. Bookish merch. They like their favourite quotes to be on mugs, posters, bookmarks, postcards, cushions, t-shirts and anything else we can think of. They want their YA love to be loud and proud.

14. The YA Book Prize. YA doesn’t get much rep in the media or on literary prize lists so they love that YA has a whole prize to ourselves. These books deserve to be celebrated. The 2016 shortlist has just been announced, too! Who are you championing?


15. NetGalley. This site is so dangerous for their TBR pile – we have such clicky fingers… BUT, books go up super early and they don’t take up physical space and they just can’t ever resist.

16. Being with other book bloggers. UKYA has a solid, supportive community and it’s so nice for them to take Twitter convos to real life. Actual humans who GET THEM. It’s always a delight.


Are you a book blogger? Tell us what makes you happy at @maximumpopbooks!

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Written by Sophie Waters

Sophie is the Head of Commercial at Maximum Pop! Having studied English Lit and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she came to MP! to satisfy her passion for books. Sophie is a diehard Hufflepuff and feminist. She's also a huge cat lover, and can often be found rocking her socks off at a gig.

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