16 times Veronica Roth proved that she’s the Queen of GIFs

Animation for the nation

What would life be without GIFs? No, seriously. How would we even communicate. The world would be a cold and upsetting place without our fave animated funtimes.

GIFs are life, and who might just take the crown as QUEEN of them? Veronica Roth. We’re not joking. She’s got a new book out, she’s been busy touring, but she still finds the time to whip out the perfect GIF for every situation.

1. Pigeons. It needs no further explanation.

2. When a picture tells a thousand words…

3. And thanking people becomes an art form:

4. For that perf expression:

5. And cute exchanges like this:

6. When our salad customs are too confusing…

7. This realisation, perfectly coupled with a GIF:

8. Because this is how the inside of a mind works. And she gets it:

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9. Denial.

10. This whole thread, but mostly, this GIF action:

11. When she just GETS what we need:

12. THIS:

13. This strangely meta tweet:

14. And this. Because we’ve all been there:

15. And here:

16. Plus, making us aware of things we didn’t even know we NEEDED:

Do you have a go-to GIF? Which is your fave from the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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