16 tweets you’ll only understand if you grew up in Britain

The hashtag #GrowingUpBritish went viral this week and we had a blast looking through it as it was basically the most relatable thing EVER.


(Ok Taylor Swift didn’t grow up in Britain, but she loves the country so much she wears the flag on her outfits.)

Here are 16 tweets that perfectly explain the experience of growing up in Britain:

1. Respecting the hierarchy of primary school

2. Waiting years to get your pen license

3. Handing out these bad boys and saving the dirtiest one for the person you didn’t like

4. Reading about these guys who were basically the original squad goals

5. Spending every evening on MSN

6. Your life goal being to go on Jungle Run

7. Every Saturday night consisting of these lit AF shows

8. Understanding the concept of inflation from a young age

9. This guy

10. Begging your mum to get you McDonald’s for one reason only

11. Being unable to hear the number 64 without bursting into song

You never really grow out of it.

12. Experiencing severe disappointment like this

13. Impressing your friends by being able to do these

Oh scoobies, we miss you.

14. Punching somebody whenever you saw a yellow car

Why? Nobody knows.

15. This banger of a tune

16. Never being able to see any of your favourite pop stars live

This one’s still real tbh.

Got your own #GrowingUpBritish tweets? Let us know them @maximumpop

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