14 times the internet proved it’s better to be single on Valentine’s Day

And it’s all about you

Being single on V Day can make you feel like a ball of crap. Your friends are gushing over the surprises their BFs and GFs have lavished on them, Facebook is full of sickening photos (please, don’t. We really don’t want to see it) and there’s red and pink EVERYWHERE.

We have nothing against love, but URGH.

It can be a really lonely day and feeling lonely and unloved is one of the suckier feelings you can have.

But V Day doesn’t need to be all bad. It can actually be kinda nice, even if you’re single.

Come on! If even Selena Gomez can handle being a seventh wheel while watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday we can totally survive being alone on Valentine’s Day alone.

1. You can do what ever you want on February 14th. 

Not in the mood for people, feeling ill, tired or stressed – have a bath, read your book and get an early night. There’s no pandering to the expectations of the day. AT ALL. Bliss.

QUIZ: Who’s your girlband galentine?

QUIZ: Which beaut musician will be your Valentine based on your dream date?

2. We really don’t need chocolate or flowers – we can buy them ourselves. This, however…

This we want. Please?

3. The potential for evil. 

4. Exchanging heartfelt Valentines with your BFFs.

5. Absolutely zero chance of rejection.


6. No weird/creepy/disturbing presents.

7. #truth

8. There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely, and we’re totally fine being alone. We’re awesome. 

9. Showing yourself some love is JUST as important. 

10. There’s nobody holding you back from spending the day with the actual love of your life now.

11. Galentine’s Day is always a winner. 

12. Who needs romance? You’ve got the best besties around. 

13. Make yourself feel special. You deserve it. 

14. February 15th? HELL YEAH. 

We’re curious:

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Written by Sophie Waters

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