15 signs you’re a self-confessed dog lover

If you love dogs more than you do people and your best friend is a four-legged animal called Rover, you’re probably not afraid to admit you’re canine crazy.

Unsure of your level of dog dedication? Here’s 15 signs you might be a self-confessed dog lover:

1. You refer to them as members of the family

2. And buy your family members cards/presents on behalf of the dog

3. You absolutely must do everything in your power to cross the path of a dog if you spot one whilst out and about

4. And would even value meeting a pup above meeting your favourite celebrity

5. You don’t mind being covered in a thin layer of moulted fur 24/7

6. No family holiday is complete without your pooch

7. Your plans for settling down don’t involve a partner or kids

8. The most mundane things are hilarious when it’s your dog doing them

9. The dog filter is your go-to on Snapchat

10. But they’re happy to model any filter really

11. Since your camera roll looks like this

12. You treat your four-legged friend like you would treat a toddler

 13. If your dog had puppies you would definitely become over committed to keeping them all

14. You feel a “deep, spiritual” connection with any canine you meet

15. Because, at the end of the day, you know dogs really are man’s best friend

How much of a self-confessed dog lover are you? Let us know @maximumpop!

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