14 times our dog was more dateable than us. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

It’s January which means February is just round the corner. And February means Valentine’s day, so for all of you spending it alone, we are with you, so much so, here’s 14 times our dog was more dateable than us.

1. The way we look when we wake up in the morning isn’t entirely the same…FullSizeRendercgiphy (68)

2. Talking on FaceTime isn’t quite as attractive…FullSizeRender-1511-facetime

3. The angles on our selfies aren’t exactly as good…FullSizeRender-16giphy (69)

4. We aren’t quite as flexible, touching our toes isn’t as easy… We are more channeling Sheldon, whilst our dog is more Penny.


5. Dressing to go out out, how is it possible that our dog is the expectation and we are sadly the reality.

FullSizeRender-18giphy (72)

6. When your dog comes home looking brand new from a hair cut and you come home with everything you never wanted…

FullSizeRender-19giphy (73)

7. When your dog’s got that bad boy edge (has to be picked up for trying to start a fight) and you have already run in the opposite direction.FullSizeRender-11giphy (74)

8. Holiday chic doesn’t look the same on us…FullSizeRender-12 tumblr_lwa2t60lWC1qhzaruo3_500

9. We aren’t quite as smooth…FullSizeRender-13tumblr_nzaqvf2uAL1sqglzbo1_500

10. Why don’t we look as cute in fancy dress?FullSizeRender-14 tumblr_loa5x0Muw41ql2ypyo1_400

11. We can never win at Scrabble…FullSizeRender-5 download (1)

12. We haven’t both perfected looking flawless at every angle.  PicMonkey Collage4-22-2014 11-31-48 AM

13. He’s got the whole playing hard to get thing under wraps, where as we…FullSizeRender-1 anigif_enhanced-18987-1437420405-714. He’s the perfect little spoon, we are all limbs. FullSizeRender-2PicMonkey Collage

Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop if your dog is more dateable than you too, LYF.

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