14 times ghosts were 210% better than people


Being dead doesn’t have to mean you’re done. Whatever you believe, ghosts are a possibility. People make whole careers out of chasing ’em down. And you can’t deny, real or nah, what the protagonist in Sarah Carroll”s ‘The Girl In Between’ sees and talks to.

And sometimes those cryptic creepers are actually better than their living counterparts. For many reasons. Haters gonna hate, but here’s 14 times ghosts were pretty transcendent:

1. Yeah! Hi-five, man! Who says being dead as heck means you gotta be grumpy about it?

2. Evan Peters. The ultimate dead guy. Recently in American Horror Story Hotel:

With his classic Gatsby-style swoon.

3. Plus he nailed the tortured teen ghost aesthetic in AHS Murder House:

Oh, Evan. *sigh* *hearteyes*

QUIZ: Which famous ghost is actually haunting you?

Quiz: What type of ghost would you be?

4. This sassy apparition deserves a dang medal:

5. Being a ghost means literally giving zeros effs. It’s all the sass all the time.

6. And you can strike fear into the hearts of many, regardless of whether you’re even real or nah:

7. Minimal effort required. Awesome.

8. This ghost is making the most of his (or her) afterlife:

9. While this one is not interested in your need for personal space:

10. Homewreckers. Of the emotional kind too.

11. Free pastries.

…and you know that ain’t gonna hurt their “low carb” diet because HELLO? Dead.

13. Making headlines like this:

14. And really, just making the MOST out of being stuck in limbo.

Might as well do it in style, right?

Which is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

Wanna find out about the ghosts in ‘The Girl In Between’? Snap up your copy here.

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