14 signs you might be a crazy cat lady

Do you love felines more than humans and have definitely cancelled Saturday night plans to hang out with your cat? Yeah, us too.


There’s a high chance you might be becoming a crazy cat lady (which is totally a good thing FYI) – here are 14 signs to watch out for:

1. You have a cat

Just a little cat in a big world.

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2. And have created at least one social media account for it

You update it regularly obvs.

3. Your camera roll looks like this

4. Your favourite conversations are the ones you have with your cat

5. You relate to this on a spiritual level

6. But at least you have your priorities straight

7. This is your favourite Snapchat filter

8. Although this one is a more accurate crystal ball

9. And the future looks WONDERFUL


10. This aisle is your territory in the supermarket

11. But you don’t even care because you have the best date nights

12. You know your cat is most definitely cooler than you


13. And takes better selfies

14. But overall you’re more proud than anything because it’s your BABY


And you’re totally happy with life as a crazy cat lady.

Can you relate to anything on this list? Share your crazy cat lady experiences with us @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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