13 tweets that perfectly explain the torture of growing up shy

We stumbled across the viral hashtag #GrowingUpShy this week and it’s basically like someone’s written our autobiography.


Shy people, unite! You’re totally not alone. Here are 13 tweets you’ll only understand if you’re one of us:

1. You were the master of this facial expression at social events

2. You weren’t even listening to conversations half the time because you were too busy panicking

3. Just the mention of class presentations brought you out in a full body sweat

4. Even on the rare occasion you did pluck up the courage to volunteer, it always went down like this

5. Preparing to speak in public felt more like rehearsing for a leading West End role

6. Just for somebody to go and ruin it by diverting from the script

7. You suffered greatly at the hands of your shyness

8. Including letting other people take all your glory

9. You were willing to silently die rather than draw attention to yourself

10. You were at pro at avoiding everyone you see in public (even if you liked them)

11.  If you ruled the world, you’d definitely make phone calls illegal

12. You dreaded birthdays for one tortuous reason

You still don’t know how the hell you’re supposed to react.

13. Finally, your mind is continually haunted by all the slightly awkward things you’ve done in your lifetime

Can you think of any more #GrowingUpShy problems? Tweet us @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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