13 things you’ll only understand about having flatmates if you’re a uni student

It’s summer and you’ve probably headed home for the holidays now, but there are certainly many horrors, trials, and general nuisances you’ll always remember from what it was like to live with your flatmates during your time at uni.

Here are 13 of them:

1. Not getting to sleep until 2am

Whether weekend or uni night, your flatmates don’t discriminate. They don’t need an occasion because EVERY night is party night round your place, whether you like it or not.

2. You’re still annoyed about sleep deprivation even when there is an occasion

Since, even though it’s pretty much the end of the academic year and everyone wants to celebrate, Alex from room 5 finished his course 2 weeks earlier than you and dammit you still have exams and revision left to do so can he please shut up?!!

3. You can’t plan your meals in advance

Because you might wake up in the morning craving a hearty bowl of cereal, only to discover that somebody has nicked the last of your milk. Again. Looks like toast it is…

4. Whatever happens your food will go ‘missing’

There’s absolutely no point in buying treats for yourself since they’ll almost immediately be stolen. Keep your precious hidden under lock and key in your room.

5. Bonding over daytime TV

You might have absolutely nothing else in common, but there will always be terrible daytime telly to help bridge the differences.

6. But riots start when your programmes clash

Half of you want to spend the night getting cosy with ‘Eastenders’ but when the football’s on you just know there’s going to be a shouting match in front of the TV come tea time.

7. Bin rota systems don’t work

When you arrived, fresh-faced and dewy-eyed in first year, you had complete and utter faith in the bin rota system. By the second week, however, you were watching it crash and burn as everyone opted to precariously balance rubbish on top of the already overflowing bin rather than concede and take it out.

8. It isn’t strange to see strangers everywhere

Particularly if you’re not very chatty with your flatmates, more often than not you’ll enter your own kitchen to find strangers in there, pillaging the fridge. You don’t know them, they don’t know you, but you just kind of give them an awkward nod before getting on with your business.

9. Separate, secret household essentials

Washing up liquid? Bin bags? Items like these, that should probably be bought as a group to save money and be fair, never end up being so. By the end of first term you’ll have your own hidden away in the backs of cupboards because you absolutely, totally cannot trust Angela from room 2 to contribute to the cost, even though she goes through 15 coffee-filled mugs a day and uses more washing up liquid than anyone else in the flat.

10. Never answering the door

It’s not for you, surely? Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t but you’ll never know because everybody has the same collective notion that it’s “not for them”.

11. Getting defensive over a fridge shelf

It’s mine, Sarah, so stop putting your eggs on it.

12. Some people definitely don’t have eardrums

That’s the only explanation for the flatmates that listen to obscenely loud music 24/7. 7am or 11pm, never wavering from 100 vol. How do they cope?

13. You might not like them, but there is a sense of camaraderie

You’re all as different as the sun and moon but when it comes down to packing up and saying goodbye on the last day there is always a tiny part of you that will kind of sort of miss all their antics. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, we suppose?

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