13 things everyone who’s 16 now remembers about being 10

2011 was quite the year

Being a teenager isn’t easy, but being 10 may be a little bit harder.

We still remember the blue eyeshadow we used to wear, the slap bracelets we traded and, of course, wearing padded bras to try to look like a teenager. Check out these 13 things everyone who’s 16 now remembers about being 10:

1. Going to see the last ‘Harry Potter’ movie

Even though you were only one or two when the first came out…

2. Wearing a shirt that said ‘Abercrombie’ practically every day

These got some serious heavy rotation back in the day…

3. You were obsessed with water marble nails

Those hypnotic swirls had us under their spell.


4. You probably made an account on this new thing called Twitter

Without your parent’s approval ofc…

5. You slept with your hair in braids to get a crimped look

Always on fleek (not that “on fleek” was even a thing back then…)

6. You cried as you watched the ‘Hannah Montana’ series finale

Still gets us every time.

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7. You begged your parents to let you go to the cinema and see ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’

We will deny this until our dying day.

8. You had a pair of Converse in every colour

Why did we even throw these out… WE STILL BLOODY LOVE ‘EM!

9. You probably had a pair of braces

And loved getting the colour changed…

10. ‘Planking’ was the biggest fad

Who came up with this? No seriously.

11. You took ridiculous photos in ‘photo booth’ on your laptop

Omg Snapchat we love you.

12. You wore these kinds of hats

Least our ears were toasty.

13. And, of course, you were obsessed with the newest boyband

Admit it, your heart skipped a beat just now.

Which one of these treasured memories would you like to bring back the most? Or do you think they should stay in the past?

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Written by Julia Contorno

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