13 reasons why 13 Reasons Why SHOULDN’T be renewed for season 2

Do you agree?

There’s been non-stop chatter since 13 Reasons Why first made it’s Netflix debut and with the majority of us polishing off the series in less than 48 hours (we’re sooooo not sorry about that) there’s already talk about a potential second season.

So what’s all this gossip about, then? Well, as you guys probably already know, the show is an adaption of a book by Jay Asher.

Jay only wrote one book (there’s no sequel) but many fans think that Netflix have left some deliberate cliffhangers in the show so they can continue the story. This means there’s potential for a second, third and maybe even fourth season.


Some fans have started coming up with a theory about where the plot of 13 Reasons Why will go next. Wanna hear it? Of course you do!


If you haven’t finished watching 13 Reasons Why, yet. We suggest you turn away now to avoid spoilers!

So, the main idea that’s floating around the internet is that there’s going to be a possible school shooting.

At the end of the season, we saw Tyler pull out a trunk full of guns. We also saw him hang up eerie photos of his classmates.

A lot of people think that the photos are of people that Tyler is intending to kill.

We already know he removed the one of Alex (perhaps because he helped Tyler when he was being bullied in the hallway at school or because Tyler’s already shot Alex?!) but many of the faces in the photos are those from Hannah’s tapes – Courtney, Bryce, Justin, Clay and so forth.

The theory goes a little further to suggest that Tyler might even take thirteen of these people hostage. This would allow the show to follow a similar flashback/present day format and the viewer would then learn about Tyler’s life and what each hostage has done to him.

Whatcha reckon? Is it possible?

It’s a Hannastravaganza! Is this a quote from ‘PLL’ Hanna or ’13 Reasons Why’ Hannah?

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The discussion doesn’t stop there, though. Whilst some fans are fully on board with this theory. Other fans are fully AGAINST the idea of 13 Reasons Why being renewed for season 2.

There’s talk that continuing the story would weaken it and make it less powerful.

Here are 13 fan arguments why the show SHOULDN’T get renewed for season 2…

1. Fans want the storyline left as it is

2. There’s only one book

3. People think it may become an ‘entertainment’ show

4. A second season will ruin some fans’ closure

5. Fans are confused about where the storyline will go

6. Some people just didn’t like the show

7. Viewers think Hannah’s story was powerful enough

8. Fans are also upset that there may not be room for Katherine (the actress who plays Hannah) in season 2

9. Some fans think season 2 will NEVER live up to season 1

10. Others believe the book to show adaption was flawed

11. People think there’s a reason why it ended like it did

12. No one can stand Courtney!

13. Basically everyone wants to preserve the storyline

What do you think? Should their be a second season of 13 Reasons Why? Vote in the poll below.

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