13 problems only 00s kids will remember

Taking care of our Tamagotchi prepared us for the real world

Throwback to the days of scrunchies, Bebo and smelly gel pens. If only we could leave the horrors of 2016 behind and rewind to these simpler days, SIGH.

Here are 13 problems only 00s kids will remember. And who knows if they’re worse than Trump 2016. Only you can decide – let us know in the comments.

1. Having to beg your mum to take you to Claire’s to get your ears pierced

Those earrings might have turned your ear lobes green but they were ALL the rage way back when.

2. Ordering your top friends on Myspace

And getting so annoyed when your BFF didn’t also have you in their #1 spot.

3. Waiting for your crush to come online on MSN

That pure, unadulterated moment of joy when their username popped up as online. HELLO, love of our lives.

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4. Forgetting to feed your pet Tamogatochi and coming back to a screen full of poo and a dead pet

They say teach them about death and commitment whilst they’re young and oh boy did we learn.

5. Classroom battles over who has the best smelly gel pens

Let’s be real, the strawberry ones were ALWAYS the best scents.

6. Being more torn than ever before when Miley Stewart had to choose between Jake and Jesse

Were you Team Jake or Team Jesse?

7. Dying on Snake just as you were about to beat your high score

We’d never known true pain until we experienced this.

8. Not receiving a chain letter/text back

9. Your alien never having a gooey alien baby, despite all your friend’s claims they totally could

10. Never being able to emulate your ultimate style queen Lizzie McGuire

Who else could pull off that many textures, patterns, clips and crimped hair? Nobody.

11. Accidentally pressing the WAP button on your phone and having to press a million buttons to stop it loading and costing your parents a bomb

True horror.

12. Scratching your CDs so your fave songs won’t play anymore

iPods are a true luxury of the 21st century. No more broken records, thank you very much.

13. Not getting your crush when you played MASH


Do you have any more to add to the list? Let us know what your number 1 00s problem was in the comments below.


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  1. Blummin’ tamogatchi! It ruled my life. Not gonna lie though, if someone bought me one… I’d be happy. We need fandom tamogatchis though. Like… Harry Potter ones. Stat.

  2. I remember having to wait to hear my fave songs on the radio. I would listen all day and the feeling of happiness I got when they were played actually gave me life. No streaming back then.

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