13 struggles only people who have curly hair understand

Curly hair. Sure, it looks pretty and everyone with naturally straight hair covets it, but unless you have it you will never understand the struggles that come with having a wild mane like ours.

Here are 13 problems that only curly haired people know to be true:

1. Rain is the enemy

2. But you’re not safe from humidity either

3. You get the weirdest things stuck in it

4. Seriously, it’s like a magnet to everything

5. You have to endure the questions of people who just don’t understand

6. They really don’t get it

7. Everyone thinks it’s okay to randomly touch your hair (it’s not)

8. It has a life of its own

9. You’ve considered pioneering a brush as a hair accessory after getting it stuck

10. Hair ties and bobby pins are the most elusive of creatures

11. You’re familiar with the cruelty of life

12. You feel personally victimised by hair brushes and combs

13. And finally… everyone says you look like a poodle

Do you have any curly haired probs of your own to add to our list? Let us know them with a tweet to @maximumpop!

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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