12 super cute Voldemort gifs. He’s our queen.

1. Elf Voldemort
tumblr_lvz5itvhHw1r03qwvo1_r1_500 2. Party Voldemort.d35f0a5831860c6ae250b6547d0968a4 3. Scrooge Voldemort.santa-claus-is-dead_1239 4. Dancing Voldemort.voldemort-shakira-o 5. Rihanna Voldemort.tumblr_mnqqpkgy7X1s7oxhmo1_500 6. Pop Star Voldemort.tumblr_mp4qu12Sfj1s53uioo1_500 7. Beyonce Voldemort.tumblr_lop7l7ydQC1qekdq5o1_400 8. Princess Voldemort.harry-potter-text-voldemort-Favim.com-239575 9. Sassy Voldemort.6cf10d55096ffd3e847543ea9aa0476f10. ‘Ard Voldemort.
come-bro-voldemort 11. Mean Girl Voldemort.c 12. Christmas Voldemort.e8b96395034da7bbd85f02ddcb9607f4

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