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12 struggles only people with long nails will understand

Insta queen Kylie Jenner knows all too well how having long nails can totally up your style game, but there are some serious struggles that come with looking this damn good.


Here are 12 problems you’ll only understand if you’ve got super fleeky talons:

1. If you drop something, you might as well just accept that it’s gone forever

2. Cans are the enemy

3. And oranges 🍊

4. In fact, pretty much everything that involves your hands is a struggle

5. Gloves are a thing of the past

6. You don’t understand how the Kardashians manage to be social media queens

7. You relate to this on a spiritual level

8. Just looking at this breaks your heart

9. They get you in all kinds of trouble

You swear you did NOT mean to send that wink emoji.

10. And result in the majority of your clothes looking like this

Tights are the worst.

11. Talking on the phone has severe consequences

12. But at the end of the day, you still love them ’cause you know you look fierce AF 💅

Did we basically just sum your life up? Let us know any other long nail probs you have @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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