11 uplifting tweets all lgbtq+ people need to read

The LGBTQ+ community is thriving and moving from strength to strength in 2016. However, despite being part of such a warm and welcoming collection of people, there are certainly a lot of struggles that come along with it. Here are 11 uplifting tweets all LGBTQ+ people should read to help raise their spirits when they’re feeling low:

1. #GodLovesGays

2. #queerselflove is a hashtag and it rocks

3. Nobody is born with prejudice

4. Even Mario Kart references are applicable to the LGBTQ+ experience


6. We can never be grateful enough to the predecessors

7. Trans is beautiful

8. Be proud because #LoveIsLove

9. Love and support has continued to grow exponentially

10. It’s never too late to marry the one you love

11. Even the animals are full of LGBTQ+ pride

What are your favourite LGBTQ+ positive tweets? Let us know @maximumpop!

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