11 things you understand if you’re in more than one fandom

There are so many wonderful music acts, movies, books, TV shows and YouTubers out there, so there’s a good chance you’re in more than one fandom. If that’s the case, then you will understand the following 11 situations oh so perfectly…

1. Voting season is a NIGHTMARE

Vote gif

Especially if your faves are in the same category. Who do you vote for? How do you stay loyal to the both? Will others think you’re a fake fan? Even if they’re not in the same category, there are a lot of fricking voting sessions.

2. When two of your fandoms are at war with one another and you’re suck in the middle of it all

Mean Girls gif

Come on, guys! Is there any need to fight? Our idols would not approve. Pls.

3. But when your faves both end up in the same event and you get HQ pics of them together or even in a video


These are the precious moments we live for.

4. When your faves announce concerts at the same time and you can’t afford to go


You want NEED to go to them all to support your babies but money is so complicated. Time to work hard and play nice with the family for some help…

5. Sometimes release dates end up being very close to each other and it’s like a second Christmas


Thank you, fandom God. Thank you very much.

6. You have the ability to create a cross-over fan fiction/piece of fan art/video edit

1d little mix

Nothing has ever looked more beautiful.

7. Sometimes things clash (like live streams with concerts or TV shows with follow sprees)

what to do

Decisions are impossible.

8. When people try and make you pick between all your faves


How could you be so cruel?!

9. With so much going on, there is literally no time for a social life

no life

Sorry, I cannot meet you for coffee, I have a very busy schedule right now that all relates to my fandoms.

10. When one of your idols likes another one of your idols it’s the best feeling in the world


This is a true blessing.

11. At the end of the day, how can you ever truly be bored with this many fandoms?

regret nothing

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