11 products you need in your life if you’re obsessed with cats

We love cats. Probably more than humans sometimes (oops) and we’ve definitely visited a friend before just to see their cat.


Some may call it weird but we like to think we’re just channelling our inner Taylor Swift.

We’re so proud of our crazy cat lady status that we’ve done some searching and have found the purrfect products and accessories to flaunt your obsession with cats. Trust us, you NEED them in your life.

1. New Look Cat Print Umbrella £9.99umbrella

For when it’s raining cats and dogs, duh.

2. Topshop Cat and Dog Origami £6.50origami

We clearly have too much time on our hands.

3. New Look Slogan Sweater £11.24sweater

“Sorry I can’t… I have plans with my cat.”

4. Topshop Dry Shampoo £5dry-shampoo

Because it’s cute.

5. Catseye London Glasses Case £6glasses

We bet you didn’t know you needed graffiti cat in your life until now.

6. Primark Grumpy Cat Socks £2.50socks

“I had fun once. It was terrible.”

7. ASOS Velvet Bag £18bag

8. H&M Duvet Cover Set £11duvet

All the fun of cuddling your cats in bed without the fur everywhere.

9. Paperchase Highlighters £3.50highlighters

Because cat-themed highlighting is so much more fun than regular highlighting.

10. New Look Air Freshener £1.99air-freshener

11. New Look Flower Cat Ears £4.99headband

BRB now we’re off to empty our bank accounts and buy five of each.


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Written by Nina John-Clement

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