11 things only the realest knitters know to be true

Yes we knit, no we will not make you a jumper for free.


The knitter life can be tough, but also rewarding. Here are 11 things you’ll only know to be true if you’re one of us:

1. There’s more yarn in your house than you could ever find a use for

There’s no such thing as too much.

2. When you first started, your face looked like this most of the time

3. But now you find yourself getting carried away knitting things you don’t even need


4. Getting anything done is impossible if you own a cat

5. You spend more time doing mathematical calculations than people think


6. Your thumbs usually look like this

No pain, no gain.

7. Your non-knitting friends don’t have a clue what you mean when you use terms like ‘frogging’

They probably wouldn’t want to know anyway.

8. No pain can come close to the level of suffering that dropping a stitch causes

8. Or when it’s time to weave in those ends

9. Knotted wool is WAY harder to untangle than earphones

Just sayin’.

10. You’re used to all the granny jokes

I just want to go home and knit, okay?

11. You don’t care though, because who’s the one with cool fluffy knitted socks?


Do you have any more knitting problems to add? We wanna hear them @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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