10 tweets you’ll only understand if you’re an A-level student

It’s exam season and life as an A-level student is getting tough.


Here are 10 totally relatable tweets you’ll only understand if you’re currently taking A-levels:

1. This is how you spend your weekends

2. You frequently ask yourself all-important questions like this

3. Even the thought of revising is painful

4. When you do revise, every room in your house looks like this

5. You have a never-ending stash of pens

6. You swear they don’t give you enough time in exams

7. You’re in a constant moral dilemma

8. You understand the pain of this

9. This is what the past two years of your life has felt like

10. Finally, when times get desperate…

Do you have any A-Level problems of your own to add? Let us hear them @maximumpop

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