10 times we were Gossip Girl this Christmas.

300 pigs in blankets, 50 sprouts and 2000 potatoes later Christmas is over and we have the blues but to cheers us all up and make us laugh while we eat all the left over cheese here’s 10 times Gossip Girl summed us up this Christmas.

1. Annual Christmas Eve drinks at the pub with the whole squad commences.

2. You’ve had 10 mulled wines too many and your mate tells you they are going home to hang with their family.dont leave everybody leaves

3. It’s Christmas morning, the morning after the night before and mum offers you a mulled wine.kille me now

4. When an aunt or uncle comments on how many pigs in blankets you’ve got on your plate.i eat everything

5. When it’s all gone, every pig, every blanket, every slice of ham and turkey.giphy (58)

6. When it’s charades time and your sister makes a joke that she’s the queen of mime.
you have no idew who youre dealing

7. When your nan tells you she didn’t get you for secret santa.giphy (59)

8. Looking at your sister while you eat the last celebration.giphy (60)

9. When your mum beats you at trivial pursuit.

giphy (61)

10. When someone says they like your perfume and you got it for Christmas.giphy (62)

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