10 times GIRLS will be us this New Years Eve!

2016 is just round the corner and so we thought we’d sum up what our New Years Eve is going to look like and 10 times GIRLS summed up our lives.

1. Nothing to wear. What you planned to wear doesn’t fit anymore because you consumed more pigs in blankets over Christmas than you planned. nothing to wear

2. Refusing to go out. The classic “I’m not going, I have become the pig in the blanket, I’m staying home to cry.”when u get home

3. Calming yourself down. So you brush your teeth because you know how to do that, and it’s one step closer to 2016.getting reading

4. Make up time. The realisation that you have make up and can cover up your Christmas hangover eyes and transform into 2016 fabulous.planning ur nye kiss

5. Pre-dance. A quick dance and karaoke sesh to T Swizzle and Biebs before you leave just to double check you still ooze pop star.

pre drinks

6. Duck & avoid. When the one person you have been trying to avoid all night keeps trying to approach you in prep for that midnight smooch.when someone tries to give u a ny kiss

7. Why did I put on so much make up. When said person just won’t give up.and they dont leave u alone

8. I’m not drunk.  When your mate calls you out for being too drunk.when ur not drunk but u are

9. Alone. When its 11:59 and you are trying to be a good friend and let your mates smooch their boos but you are done with years kiss

10. Plant it on them. Until you throw all self respect out the window and plant one on the nearest loneliest guy you see.grab a mate

Happy new year and get ready to be 2016 fabulous!

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