10 things you’ll understand if you have heavy periods

Boys have it so easy. We’ll be yelling it until the day we die, or at least until menopause strikes, because periods suck, tbh. And, unfortunately, it can get even worse if your uterus decides to wreak havoc x10000000 on your vagina each month.


It’s a seriously hard life, but at least we can all club together and sob over our monthly misfortune.

1. Getting up in the morning and the entirety of Niagara Falls takes place right in your underwear


2. You can’t even pretend to feel somewhat human by using tampons, because you’d have to change it every hour on the hour and that just isn’t practical


3. And it’s probably a no to the moon cup too, tbh


4. Say goodbye to cute underwear, because no amount of super duper, extra long sanitary towels are going to prevent leakage


5. Going to the toilet and having to use a whole loo roll to wipe


6. Starting your period early on the day you decided to wear white


7. There’s a special place in hell for people who only have light periods

8. And those who only have three day periods may as well be the devil himself


9. Suffering from seriously irregular periods, so you never know quite when it’s going to drop… And then you wake up to find yourself in a pool of your own blood


10. Adding to the fact you’re basically blood on tap, your emotions are also all over the place


It definitely isn’t always fun being a girl. Let’s all feel free to direct the next guy that tries to brush us off by saying we get to squeeze our own boobs to this article. See the blood rush from his face (and unfortunately not out of his peen, god damnit).

Tweet us @maximumpop with any more heavy period woes and we can start a support group. Stay strong ladies and remember that we’re strong as hell. We will get through this. We always do.

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