10 things every girl who shops in the men’s section knows to be true

More and more females are shopping in the men’s section recently and it’s pretty simple to see why: 1) Cheaper yet better quality shirts 2) Gender norms are so last century, right?


Clothes don’t have genders but sadly some people still don’t understand that. Fortunately though, it does make for some pretty damn relatable tweets.

Here are 10 things you’ll only know to be true if you’re a girl who shops in the men’s section:

1. You’re constantly having to explain yourself

2. But you don’t understand why because it’s pretty clear to you why everyone should shop there

3. You can never really be sure what other people think

4. But you don’t really care anyway

5. People are constantly telling you what to do

6. Or staring like they think you’re lost

7. You enjoy converting women’s-section-only shoppers

8. No one really understands why you shop there, no matter how many times you explain

9. You wish people would mind their own business

10. But you’re still never going back to your old life, like ever

Can you relate to any of the struggles on this list? Send us your own experiences shopping in the men’s section with a tweet to @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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