10 things you could do during One Direction’s hiatus, taking up golf to bump into Niall etc.

One Direction’s ‘hiatus’ (imagine that being said in robot Harry voice) basically started today after their last live performance on The X Factor final. They tore our ovaries out of our body and spat them back out on the floor, too many emotions, such a mess.

Harry Styles Thank You

Here at MP! we like to be as useful as possible so we’ve bashed our heads together and come up with 10 things you could do during 1D’s 18 month break. 

1 – Never cut your hair ever again and get it to Harry length.

Harry Long Hair Don't Care

2 – Learn a new instrument so you can join 1D’s band when they’re touring again.

3 – Learn a language so you have another amazing excuse to travel abroad and see the lads.

Niall Japan

4 – Memorise every.single.fact about One Direction and absolutely slay Mastermind when you have them as your specialist subject.

5 – Take up golf in the hope that you’ll bump into Niall on the course and he’ll fall in love with you over your 9 iron.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 00.19.23

6 – Get your CV looking on point and apply for work experience at Sony, you never know. You might just be helping out on Louis’ new label.

Louis Royal Variety

7 – Collect curtains from your local charity shop and use them to create clothing inspired by Harry Styles himself.

Harry AMAs

8 – Continue working with fans on some of the amazing projects they’re running. You could even be working together raising money in aid of the lads birthday’s.


9 – Take every single One Direction quiz on Maximum Pop!, heck you can even find out which ‘Made In The A.M.’ song you are.

10 – Start saving all your change in a jar and don’t touch it until the lads are back. By then you’ll have more than enough to really splash the cash on multiple concert tickets, merchandise and travel.


Got any other good ideas to pass the time? Let us know over on @maximumpop

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