10 things people who dye their hair unnatural colours are tired of hearing

Keeping your natural hair colour is fun and all but nothing quite gets the juices flowing like bright, popping shades. Those who frequent the hairdressers or drugstore box dye aisles know the trials and tribulations of having EVERYONE give their unwanted opinion on their new colour, and here are 10 things they’re tired of hearing:

1. Is that your natural colour?

Yes, candyfloss pink is 100% my natural colour. Isn’t yours?

2. I liked it better before.

We probably liked how it looked before too, but we also like it now. This isn’t a competition and it’s kind of rude to suggest we don’t look #flawless right now as well, since we totally do.

3. That’s not very professional.

Sorry, we didn’t realise our ability to be professional and good at our job relied on having a muted, neutral hair tone.

4. What does your boss think?

Not a lot. Maybe he isn’t as close-minded as you.

5. Are you some sort of punk rocker rebel chick now?

No, not really – not unless we were before. Anyone can rock coloured hair no matter what their style! You can totes listen to pop music and respect the rules with turquoise tips, and we won’t be told otherwise.

6. Your hair must be so damaged from all that bleach.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. It’s not really any of your business, especially not when we look this damnnn fine.

7. You know that all your hair is going to fall out if you carry on, right?

Don’t worry, we can rock a bald head too.

8. Aren’t you too old to be dyeing your hair silly colours?

Dyeing your hair doesn’t come with a glass elevator of age, you know.

9. What, so you’ll still be dyeing it when you’re 70?

You mean, aged 70 when we’ll have that perfect white base to get to-die-for silver hair? You betcha.

10. Don’t you ever get tired of it?

Nope, just like you don’t ever get tired of your normal colour. We’re all just having fun and living life as our truest self so don’t rain on our parade – join us in celebrating being who you are!

Are there any other things you’re sooo tired of hearing when you debut your new colour? Tweet us @maximumpop!

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