10 things that go through your head when you have a hangover.

1. How anyone can feel this bad, no one can feel what you are going through right now.giphy

2. You are having a stroke.giphy

3. That you are so tired, but can’t sleep because you feel like your heads exploding.giphy

4. Everytime you feel like you are about to get to sleep, you feel like you are going to throw up.giphy

5. That you are so hungry but you will probably throw it up.giphy

6. That you have no idea how you got here.giphy

7. This is definitely the worst you’ve ever felt.giphy

8. That the end seems so far, you feel like you have been in this state for days.giphy

9. You could never possibly have another drink. Ever.giphy

10. You hate everyone that is not hungover.giphy

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