10 things to look forward to at the Brit Awards 2016

The BRIT Awards are TONIGHT! (Just under 8 hours away at the time of writing), and there are SO many things that we’re looking forward to. Have read through our ultimate guide of what you need to be look out for during tonight’s musical telethon.


1. Bieber. First things first, Justin Bieber. Biebs will be in town to perform at the BRITs and probably win International Solo Male Artist. tumblr_mw61xb2YQq1qcm0m3o1_500

2. One Direction. Will or won’t they be there? Will or won’t they win what could be their last BRIT Awards ever? kisses_liam_on_forehead

3. Adele. Will Adele sound flawless again or will there be another technical fault like The Grammys? So much pressure.tumblr_static_url (1)

4. Kayne West. Kayne West, as far as we are aware, has no reason to attend the awards as he is neither nominated or performing, so T Swizzle is safe.giphy

5. Rihanna. Will RiRi turn up to work work work work worka5cfd170-b92b-11e4-9ef8-bb47e213792a_rihanna-dont-test-me

6. No Grime. Every artist involved in this year’s Brit Awards is a commercial mainstream success. There is absolutely not ‘Hi there’ or ‘You alright mate’  from any Grime or music of a similar genre. It’s simply just Taylor Swift all the way.tumblr_m3xq6lWg0L1rn435g

7. David Bowie. We are pretty sure there will be a David Bowie tribute.giphy

8. Ant and Dec. Our fav duo will be presenting the awards for the last time ever :(tumblr_mo6c9y7f2a1qbppgpo1_500

9. Who will fall? Madonna took one for the team last year, only time will tell who this year’s victim will be.


10. Little Mix. The Little Mix ladies have said that their performance at tonight’s ceremony will be the biggest of their career. What on earth are they going to pull out of the bag?


What are you most looking forward to seeing at this year’s BRIT Awards? Let us know on Twitter at @maximumpop.

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