10 stages of a dog lover when you see a dog

1. That moment when you see the dog and you try and act like nothing’s happened.Tank

2. But you can’ (1)

3. It’s happening, amongst the madness he’s coming closer, they are taking the seat in front of you.week-in-review-anna-kendrick-gifs-kevin-jonas-baby

4. You’re trying not to look but you can smell him, and see the corner of his belly out of your eye. One glance.gif9

5. You can’t stop looking. Or smiling. How is everyone else being so calm? Why don’t they care?1-6

6. You see the person next to him, stroking him and a rage of jealousy runs through you. Do you ask if you can stroke him too? Do you not?…4918821

7. Then finally you do it, you’ve asked to stroke him, his owner has accepted and it happens. You are almost sick with excitement. gif-disgust-disgusted-gag-hurl-new-girl-puke-schmidt-throw-up-vomit-gif

8. And then he leaves. And you feel like someone has just walked off with your baby.Come_Back

9. You sit there wishing you had taken a picture, so you could show every one you know.tumblr_inline_nj8iai9gYH1r79k32

10. But you text them anyway to tell them how cute he was.giphy

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