10 signs you’re addicted to lipstick

After finally getting our hands on Kylie Jenner’s lip kit earlier this week, we’ve come to realise that we may be a little addicted to lipstick. Ok scratch that, we’re definitely a LOT addicted to lipstick.


Here are 10 telltale signs that you need to check yourself in to lipstick lovers anonymous.

1. You’re used to your cup always looking like this

2. You own multiple red lipsticks and swear that they’re different shades

3. You’d sacrifice food because you don’t want to mess up your lipstick

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4. Your makeup bag looks like this

5. You feel naked without it on

6. Your favourite lipstick looks like this

I'm pretty upset about it. #lipstickproblems

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7. Ending up with an arm like this after shopping at the makeup counter

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8. You’re always whipping out your mirror just to check there’s no smudgesmirror

9. Your bank account hates you

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10. And finally… you don’t care how hot your date is, there’s no way you’re ruining your lipstick by kissing anyone

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