10 times celebrities looked like pieces of fruit at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were very colourful this year weren’t they? We couldn’t help but notice that the contents of our fruit bowl was strutting its stuff down the red carpet. We’re very proud of our little pop culture pieces of fruit, so we made a list. Enjoy!


#1 – Katy Perry looks very pretty in pink and she looks like a piece of dragon fruit we had for lunch!image

#2 – Our fave girl J Law looked exactly like these raspberries, what are the odds?image_1

#3 – Rachel McAdams slayed by wearing the strawberries we gave her… You’re welcome Rach!image_2

#4 – Amy Adams looks like an orange. We’re still trying to figure out if any words actually rhyme with orange…image_3

#5 – Jada Pinkett Smith looks like a very shiny avocado. And yes we think an avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable. (Pls don’t judge us.)image_4

#6 – Looks like JLo is actually a banana from the block, awks. She’s a very pretty banana though, isn’t she?!image_5

#7 – Zendaya is a very pretty pomegranate, we are oh so very proud. image_6

#8 – Gina Rodriguez looks like a beautiful tray of Cinderella blueberries. image_7

#9 – America Ferrera is literally the lemon that went walkies from our fruit bowl, what a lemon.image_8

#10 – Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Apparently Kylie Jenner.image_9

We’re very proud of our fruit at MP! HQ. Were any of your fruit bowl running around at the Golden Globes? Tweet us a piccy over @maximumpop.


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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

I'm the Film & TV Channel Manager at MP! I love sitcoms and Rosa Diaz is my spirit animal. I probably drink too much coffee - also guilty of quoting Hamilton The Musical on a daily basis. Tweet me @HanLovejoy!

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