10 of our absolute fave ‘Supernatural’ quotes

It’s no lie that ‘Supernatural‘ is the go-to show for quotes. We find ourselves randomly quoting one of the Winchesters on a daily basis, and we aren’t complaining. Although, normal people hear us and probably think “what a weirdo”. We love it.


Because we love you all so much, we’ve compiled a list of our fave ‘Supernatural’ quotes and we know you’ll all agree with us that these were classic moments from the show.

1. 86f67ba4d0082cd903de8b6b4853aa59The “jerk, bitch” line is obviously our favourite ever. If any of you disagree, turn your location on – we want to fight you.

2. tumblr_m83okb4OZC1r8bw0zo1_250The classic season 3 quote. As if anybody could disapprove of this one.

3. tumblr_mukuj12yHL1sbxmjto1_500Castiel, bless you and this brilliant quote. The only way to address people who annoy you.

4. 1392673513620320_animateSame, Dean. If we ever came across this ugly AF scarecrow, we’d say the same thing.

5. tumblr_n2e56i2XUO1tv4672o1_500That moment we all felt sorry for Sam for losing his shoe, literally us everyday!

6. tumblr_o0qbvtL2Jh1v4sncio1_500Probably one of our fave Cas quotes of all time. Aww anything to get some pie for Dean, same.

7. tumblr_n8y0b6yDQJ1tghzbso1_500Yes, this is an actual quote. No, this isn’t from a blooper.

8. tumblr_mx1lhgak3B1r80huro2_500Let’s be honest, this is us whenever we purchase something #relatable.

9. tumblr_o1el3cagjT1v561mqo1_500 tumblr_njngw7R2oz1tma0flo2_500Castiel is us trying to adult.

10. tumblr_nwyn7xJHbo1qlu8two1_500Oh, the innocence of life before Netflix. And a few episodes later, Castiel is now hooked. Same.

There are plenty more hilarious quotes up our sleeves but these made our top ten. Do you agree? Tweet us your favourite ones over at @maximumpop.

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