Who’s Samara?! And why is she sneaking around your Snapchat?

7 days…

‘The Ring’ was the film that probably meant your older siblings slept with the light on for a week. And in this revamped, rebooted, refreakified version, things are about to get a whole lot scarier.

Samara is BACK and this time… she be sliding into your DMs like…

Because in ‘Rings’ Samara doesn’t have to wait for someone to stumble across a VHS tape (whoooo?) and play it when they get home. No, no.

WTF? Is Camila Cabello actually working on a horror film?

QUIZ: Which horcrux are you?

This vengeance fuelled femme fatale, has gone viral. She’s the worst kind of spam mail that you ever opened. So it’s safe to assume she’s also in your Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. She’s everywhere and once you’ve watched her film? You’ve got 7 days…

How scary do you think this film will actually be? Tell us in the comments below!

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