What % filthy minded are you based on your YouTuber preferences?

Oop there it is

Look, we know you. You may think we don’t, but we do, ok? We know exactly what’s going on inside that brain of yours when you’re “ironically” using that eggplant emoji.

And believe it or not there is a correlation between just how much of a gutter mind you have and your YouTuber opinions. PewDiePie or Bethany Mota, Joey Graceffa or Zoella? You tell us and we’ll tell you everything. #PureFilth

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What % cringe are you?

Word of caution, some of these question will challenge everything you’ve ever thought about yourself and your mind. But if you think you can handle it then step right up!

Tyler Oakley’s elbow, Dan and Phil’s OTP dream fulfilling tweets, kids reacting to things they shouldn’t. How you feel about these YouTube happenings will ultimately reveal just how filthy minded you are. Pretty neat, right?

Just give it a whirl, what’s the worst that could happen?

Well now, how did you do? Are you total filth, or squeaky clean? Share your result in the comments below!

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