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What % Dumbledore are you?

Sherbert lemons ftw


Oh, Dumbeldore, one of the wisest wizards of them all. Always ready to give you advice in the most cryptic and seemingly useless ways. He says it how it is, unless he’s on-screen Dumbledore and then he’ll say it how he ruddy well likes.

Powerful, conflicted, but also tres sassy. Who wouldn’t want to be at least a teeny bit Dumbledore? Even if it’s just that flouncy beard. Yas queen, come through, and find out just how much Dumbledore is inside you.

19 times Tumblr shipped Dramione 137% better than we ever could

QUIZ: Can you match the screen cap to the correct Harry Potter movie?

Ooh, ok. That sounded wrong. But you get what we mean. Our heart was in the right place, as was the Hogwarts Headmaster’s. Can you make the right decision even when it’s tough? Can you put yourself through all kinds of hell just to make sure the endgame works out? Would you make the ultimate sacrifice?

Oof. Heavy. There are other things like your preference in confectionery, and whether or not you have a penchant for socks. All good things. But is it enough to make you even the slightest bit like Albus?

Let’s find out! Don’t forget to proudly share your score with all your muggle mates. They’ll be raging jealous.

Are you ready to rock that beard? Or was it just not meant to be? Tell us in the comments below!

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