What could be in that ‘Pretty Little Liars’ black box? We’ve got a few ideas…

Knowing PLL, it could be ANYTHING

‘Pretty Little Liars’ has been a form of joyful torture for what feels like a million years, but it’s coming to an end in April. We’re kind of happy sobbing?

We’ll miss the Liars and the ridiculous plots, but we’re glad we’re finally going to get some answers. WHO IS A.D.?!

Take a look at the teaser – it’s all rather mysterious. Obvs.

Now, we’ve watched every single episode of PLL so we think we know what we can expect from than giant box. Here are some of our suggestions:

Ezra. Or Caleb. Or Toby. Not fussy. They’re all fine af.

Remember those creepy dolls? All of ’em. Probably gruesomely mutiliated because, hello, PLL. *shudder*

The beginning of a game of ‘Deal or No Deal’. Now that would be a plot twist.

But we do definitely know a few things about the final 10 episodes of the show:

  • There’s going to be a musical episode. Um, yes please!
  • We’re going to jump in time again, but only a year.
  • Yaas, we’re going to see our favourite couples be endgame.
  • And it’s probably not going to be the end of the Liars… What?!

#PLLendgame will be starting it’s final stretch on April 18th. We’re so ready.

Will you miss the Liars? Or are you glad it’s ending? Let us know in the comments below. 

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