WATCH: We have the first exclusive premiere of The Tide’s new acoustic track ‘The One You Want’

What a time to be alive

When we think of The Tide we get warm fuzzy feelings inside.

We have had their debut EP ‘Click My Fingers’ on repeat ever since it came out last year, but we’ve been craving new stuff and today the pop gods in the sky have finally made our wish come true.

MP! is about to make your life 843% better.

We can guess your age based on your favourite member of The Tide

QUIZ: Which song from The Tide’s ‘Click My Fingers’ EP are you?

‘I’M NOT A NEVILLE”. The Tide talk romance, crazy mums and their new EP

Get a load of this.

WHOA! We are speechless. This is a completely different sound for The Tide and we love it. But what we really want to know is what you think. Get on the comments and share your thoughts.

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