VOTE: Who would you like to perform at your presidential inauguration?

Oh, say can you see how fab I am?

Like it or lump it Donald Trump is going to become president and the subject of who will perform (or not perform) at his inauguration ceremony has been plastered all over the news for the past few weeks. British pop star Rebecca Ferguson recently caused a stink when she said she would only perform on one very important condition.

At the minute it kinda seems like the only person who will be performing is little Jackie Evancho, bless her heart.

Seeing as Trump went from a businessman to president elect in a ridiculously short time, it’s made us kinda think that anyone could be president of the USA.

It could even be you!

And, as long as you’re not a massive douchebag, we’re betting pop stars would be much more willing to perform at your inauguration ceremony. But who would you like to honour your amazingness with a stellar performance?

Pick who you’d love to see perform at your inauguration out of the options in the poll below.

Do your pizza opinions actually suck?

VOTE: Who should perform at the Grammys 2017?

Waximum Pop! Can you guess these celebrities by their terrible waxworks?

What do you think?

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