VOTE: Who do you think should be the next star to be emojified?

Camilamoji? Shawnmoji? Arianamoji?

Have you heard the news? Our favourite Musical.ly babe, Baby Ariel, has just been emojified with her own range of Arielmojis!

Then, more good news. Apparently we could be getting a new range of ginger emojis for the Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry fans among you.

It seems that everything is being emojified recently. Well, we’re not complaining one bit, but we would like to see a few of our fave pop stars immortalised as a cute funny face (or crying face if that’s their thing…)

What if there was a Camila Cabello emoji? Damn we would RINSE that thing.

Camila Cabello just admitted she’s avoided sending social media – and the reason why might surprise you

Or a Shawn Mendes one? We would just stare at it all day, marvelling at his cuteness.

Wait, is Shawn Mendes keeping a HUGE secret from us all?

Imagine a whole range of 5SOSmojis? One for each boy. OMG we’re getting so buzzed right now.

QUIZ: Can you guess the 5SOS song from one line?

If we make a big enough noise, our faves might just hear us and speak to their people to create a range of emojis for the fandom. If you don’t vote you’ll never know ;)

What do you think?

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