VOTE: Which fandom is the best at fan projects?

We love fan projects at Maximum Pop! We love them so much we’ve created a whole mini site to help you guys create and organise them.

But we have to hand it to you guys. The fandoms are the kings and queens of fan projects.

Just take a look at this super cute project organised by Pentaholics


This project to celebrate Niall Horan’s debut single ‘This Town’ is the sweetest thing ever.


How about this project to celebrate 5SOS’ 5 year anniversary this December.


Mendes Army are rallying up to support him on his tour next year with the ‘Illuminate for Shawn‘ project.


If you have a project you’d like to submit to our site, follow the instructions on this page.

Now it’s time to vote for your fave fandom! Don’t forget to  leave a comment telling us about your favourite fan project that your chosen fandom has organised.

What do you think?

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