WATCH: What are the TWO single things V E Schwab needs to write? PLUS find out how she gets trolled!

If you were at YALC you might have seen the MASSIVE HUMONGOUS EXTREME queuing that went on for V E Schwab’s signings. And rightly so! She’s a total writing queen!


We got the chance to snatch a few minutes with her while we were there and she told us some really interesting tidbids…

Trolled with tea? You demons! 

It must all be done in love though, because ‘This Savage Song’ is nominated in our Bookish Awards and you’ve already been voting like mad.


If you haven’t voted, you can do, right here!

Have you read ‘This Savage Song’ yet? Are you a V E Schwab mega fan? Maybe you saw her at YALC. Let us know in the comments!

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